Social Responsibility

Yenlex has been diligent in cultivating and strengthening its sense of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In addition to serving our clients and pursuing development, Yenlex works to promote the righteous causes of social welfare with its professional advantages and resources.

Yenlex has built a long-term cooperation with dozens of social institutions and organizations at home and abroad and is proud to undertake its CSR in wider fields that benefit many.

We encourage all the talents within the Yenlex organization to be actively engaged in various kinds of CSR campaigns that serve the public good and contribute to the many positive causes of public welfare.

Beijing - Yenlex is pleased to announce a new strategic cooperation partnership with the Beijing Bairen Benevolent Foundation to focus on long-term volunteer teaching campaign to support rural education across China.
Beijing - Yenlexis pleased to announcea vibrant new comprehensive strategic cooperation with the TaiheInstitute(